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The End of Man is..:

o Happiness is desirable in itself and never for the sake of something else. But honor, pleasure, reason, and every virtue we choose indeed for themselves, but we choose them also for the sake of happiness, judging that by means of them we shall be happy. Happiness, on the other hand, no one chooses for the sake of these, nor, in general, for anything other than itself. Happiness, then, is something final and self-sufficient.

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Sunday, February 20, 2005
One Year Plus

One year of questing and not much change. I remember creating an online journal when things were in their infancy 15 years ago, a word doc I edited. Same discussions, not much in the way of progress. The key problem seems to be moving things forward and testing the hypothesis. I get on track and then get slowly sucked back in to "mundane" thinking.

Overall it's been a good year on many fronts. A new daugghter, great year with my son, good year with my wife...but I am losing out on the fundamentals. Maybe that's what I need...a basic refresher and re-evaluate module every 4 weeks. 4 hours of refocusing and reprioritizing...
It's a thought,


Posted at 10:39 pm by endofman
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Tuesday, December 07, 2004
Time Keeps on tripping

Wow...almost a whoe year has passed since I last updated this...and how have things changed? I'll have to review my goals, objectives and accomplishments for the last year and see what I think...

1. Had a new daughter
2. Travelled, trip to Trinidad and California
3. Entered into a new business partnership

What I meant to do but didn't get to:

1. Continue to work out
2. Write a novel
3. Start reading/intelectual group - Those who Dream by Day
4. other minor goals..

A great example of things happening but not by design...


but what to do about it that will stick.             Shane

Posted at 10:22 pm by endofman
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Tuesday, March 16, 2004
Progress.....Gentlemens Reading Society is born

 Today marks the official birth of "Those who Dream by Day". On this the inauguration of our "reading and conversation" group, we have officially given rise to a group dedicated to the exploration of mind, morality and critical thinking. In an attempt to throw off the shackles of a media and cultural elite dominated by special interest groups, we will endeavour to explore wide ranging topics. Witha  critical eye and mind we will explore different sides of some of the most interesting and important issues: What is the optimal end for man? What kind of men do we want to be?

Proposed  Reading List:


1.  Seven Pillars of Wisdom – T.E. Lawrence

2.  The Zerzura Club –

3.  Into Africa – Martin Duugard

4.  Arabian Sands – Wilfred Thesiger

5.  The Life of My Choice – Wilfred Thesiger

6.  Voyageur Soul – Bill Peruniak

7.   Paddle to The Arctic – Don Starkell

8.  The Essays – Montaigne

9.  Orientalism – Said

10. The Holy Qu’ran

11. Democracy in America – Alexis De Toqueville

12. Gargantua and Pentagruel – Rabelais

13. The Basic works of Aristotle – Aristotle

Posted at 11:28 am by endofman
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Sunday, March 14, 2004
Do you believe what you read?

It is an amazing world we live in. Instantaneous communication around the globe, a myriad of news sources and so few you can believe. A U.S. spokesmen says "boo" and it get's carried on 100 news services...does that make it true? when did journalism, if it ever was, stop being about reporting truth versus "the story". Even alternative news channels like alternet.org have their own pecuiliar biases, always ready to believe the worst about the establishment. We definitely live in a culture of "spin", where few people bother to look for the truth behind things. I read an article today that the U.S. has sent Special Force Advisors into North Africa because they worry Terrorists are gaining ground...hmm..a common them. What do they produce in Africa...15% of the U.S.'s imported Oil. Definitely need to secure that. The sad fact about imperialism, now or in the 19th century, is that it is always about Money. Look at the great exploreres, all looking to open trade routes...and not fair trade but trade on their terms. Young men and women give their lives for their country but it is so rarely their countries strategic interests (if you can really define that) and so often to secure commercial interests of large multi-nationals, the same multi-nationals who preach global free trade. Let me move my call centre to Bangalore because that is part of "global free trade" and "capital movement", so what if it takes jobs from america. Your son or daughter can then join the army and fight/die in a foreign land to secure my company lucrative rebuilding or defence or oil contracts. Terrorism, as with any other human endevour, has a logic chain. Something causes it, it has a goal, and a purpose. If you don't remove the cause, battling the symptoms only makes defence and security contractor rich. we need to teach are children critical thinking and research skills. thinks for yourself, ask simple questions. "What do those who propose a course of action have to gain?". It is one of the great things about living in Canada, the government is so busy exploiting and taxing it's citizens it rarely looks externally and we're too small to interest multi-nationals when all the gravy is in the U.S. Vive la difference!

Posted at 10:39 pm by endofman
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Saturday, March 13, 2004
Time Passes but still repeats

It's amazing...perhaps it's only me but I find it incredibly hard to keep on "the plan". Things repeat in the cycle of life, including my thoughts. "Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it" rings true on a personal level as well. I guess the question is given the intensity of emotion and feeling that envelopes us at different points throughout our weeks, how do we stay "on track". I guess that is where the aristotelian notion of habit comes in. I need to build habit's that keep me on track. I think a journal coupled with my planning book are key. I need to make them part of the "routine". That's the downside of freeformat thought flow such as a blog.....15 messages later you repeat the same "insights" without realizing it or doing anything about it....and that leads to despair.

Posted at 10:18 am by endofman
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Sunday, February 29, 2004
Sunday Night

Things go ahead......It has been an excellent day here and the weather has been great. Was almost 12 degrees today. It is amazing how your environment impacts your state of mind. Things should be good now that the days are getting longer.........

Posted at 9:30 pm by endofman
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Sunday, February 15, 2004
Monday Prep.

As it is Sunday night, and I the most recent upgrade, shane1966.0805, believes in giving myself a head start on thing, I was quickly going over my schedule for tomorrow and reading some classics....and I decided to post this picture which I love.

But, before that: I have been rereading some of the classic books I have around the house. I decided to take a month break from reading escapism. It has been interesting so farand is a good brain workout. More thinking, less drooling. It is amazing how much more engaging reading is when you do it for the hell of it as opposed to required reading at school. I think that is one of the fundamental flaws of our age...we do things because we have to. We go to school to get the degree, the paper..an entry ticket. We work for the pay cheque..we want work to be pleasant and challenging...but what do we put into it? It's up to us to engage ourselves not life. The ancient classical scholars read and studies because of what they got out of it. I am sure a few did it because it was fashionable to be "well read" but the ancient greeks measured a man's oratory ability by how well he spoke not how many "oratory degrees' he had. That's why they studies things, so they could apply what they have learned. That's my current challenge, to decide what I want to learn and then apply. Which get's me to thinking...


Posted at 8:33 pm by endofman
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Competing Priorities, which ranks highest?

Me and the BoyX2..It is all about Priorities and Family is job one. The big question for us all is what does that mean. Food and Shelter. Emotional Support.Nurturing?  I think it is about doing for your children what you would have the ideal parent do for them. Being strong, showing your love, being a parent (they have enough friends) and being a good role model. Your children should be better than you in every way and I wish the same for their children over them. The hard part id defining what is meany by "better" but that's the work of this Blog...

Posted at 8:23 pm by endofman
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Saturday, February 14, 2004
Life distracts you from your priorities

It's amazing how "Life" can distract you from your priorities. Clean the house, shovel the snow, gass the car. It's been pretty easy lately to get wrapped up in the mundane so I am looking to this Blog to keep me focused. It's amazing how we fool ourselves about what is "real"...

We know from physicists that Molecules and Atoms are mostly space with very little actual matter. Yet when we look at a rock, with our limited eyesight, it seems "real" and "solid". Yet spend a little time thinking about how you should live your life and your priorities and your brain tells you.."get back to reality", take out the garbage etc. Which is more Real? I'd say trying to define your purpose and moving towards it is more real. That's the downside of time management...it tells us how to be more efficient but doesn't do a great job of helping us set goals and priorities.

Gola Setting..I have been working pretty hard on that and have been making some progress. Diet is better, working out, reading more watching TV less.....but it is amazing how I long for junkfood. When you go from 3-4 cokes and a box of cookies in a night cold turkey is hard. It is fascinating though, how much of it is habit. I have been watching my desire for junk and it is at it's strongest when I am bored...go figure. Sugar as stimulant. took me a long time to work that out.

Well, Saturday night has been fun, had a nother couple over, realised what I truly enjoy in people and what bores that crap out of me....stimulating discussion (yep)...idle gossip (nope).


Posted at 7:47 pm by endofman
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Thursday, February 12, 2004
no day is truly good until it's over...

Today was one of the more productive and balanced days I can remember having. I had breakfast on the run (toast and jam), worked on the train. Prioritized my tasks at work and got out some important emails and information, just like yesterday. Had a well balanced lunch from home, some green tea in the afternoon. Went to the gym for a workout. Examined the next 10 days to ensure I didn't miss anything important. Sent off some emails relating to my Buss.

It all seems to come down to building the right habits. By bringing a full lunch and snacks I kept myself going all day. By reviewing meeting minutes I managed to get my action items resolved. A productive day with only one thing missing.....

I need to build in. Proactive customer contact strategy as well as proactive career development. These are harder since their is no short term downside to not doing anything. It is funny the sense of accomplishment cleaning your in basket gives you but it doesn't speak to your priorities. That will be tomorrow's job. ...

Posted at 9:33 am by endofman
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